iQloud 4G NTRIP Router

iQloud 4G NTRIP Router is a full-featured M2M solution developed for managing wireless terminal equipment and remote systems. Their secure management is ensured via protocol-independent data transmission in the GPRS/UMTS/LTE network. Naturally enough there is also the remote control of integrated switching elements, the reading of input values or the automatic charging of an external backup battery.

Solution modularity

iQloud 4G NTRIP Router is modular in design. You can tailor it to be your virtual datalogger:

KAR version with Satel M3-TR4 OA module(“Korte Afstand Radio” with Open Air protocol)
Parameter setting through data interface with PC
Engineered, Designed and manufactured in Holland

Technical Specification


  • Modules
  • Telit xE910


  • RS232
  • RS485
  • 2x relays
  • Max. switching current 2A
  • ​Max. switching voltage
  • 250 VAC / 220 VDC
    ​Max. switching power
    ​62.5VA / 30W

3x adjustable inputs

  • Analogue input 0-20mA
    ​Analogue input 0-10V
    ​Analogue input 0-10V
    ​Digital input with decision level setting
    ​S0 pulse input

Optional interfaces

  • Ethernet
  • 100 MB/s

Power supply

  • Power adapter
  • Power consumption
  • Power supply backup
  • ​6-24 V DC
  • ​7 W.
  • External 6/12 V Pb battery with ​automatic charging


  • Dimensions
  • Assembly
  • Operating temperatur
  • Operating humidity
  • 100x105x30 mm
  • Rail (optional)
  • -40°C to +85°C
  • 0% to 80%


  • iQloud 4G NTRIP
  • iQloud 4G NTRIP
  • central administration of all terminals
  • Panel a graphical user interface for administration of terminals


Satel Benelux bv
Margandanstraat 36
1976 DN Ijmuiden
The Netherlands
P +31 255 820 009

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