Intelligent Telemetry Platform

iQ Radio has built a modular telemetry platform. Manufactured to meet your requirements. Based on the past experience as well as future requirements we listen to customer requirements in various markets to hear and learn about the wishes and demands in the markets. With our modular design and exibility in using your desired interfaces we supply telemetry solutions in ranging from UHF to Cellular up to Wi-Fi p, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


The iQ S4-OA is the newest KAR modem for the Dutch ITS market. The iQ S4-OA KAR Modem fulfills the Dutch Open Air protocol standard. By using narrow band telemetry radio we provide bus companies and local governments with a safe wireless network. The equipment complies with the following international standards: EN 300 113-2 Annex A, EN 301 489-1,-5, EN 60950-1 and FCC CFR47 Part 90.

Values are subject to change without notice.

Features iQ Radio iQ-S4-OA

KAR version with Satel M3-TR4 OA module(“Korte Afstand Radio” with Open Air protocol)
Parameter setting through data interface with PC
Engineered, Designed and manufactured in Holland

Mission Critical

Mission critical refers to a wide variety of applications that is essential to business operation or to an organization. Failure or disruption of mission critical factors will result in serious impact. Whether you wish to have a cable as a primary line and telemetry as backup or use a wireless combination,
such as of UHF and 4G/LTE we want to think along with you and find the best tool in telemetry for your operation. Interruptions in Datacom is not an option.

Industrial Ethernet (IE) is the use of Ethernet in an industrial environment with protocols that provide determinism and real-time control. iQ Radio provides the interface for a wide array of wireless frequencies:


The market is changing and more markets become aware of a large variety of RF solutions in either an open interface or a private network. Let us know what your needs are and we will design a working solution for you.


Channel Width
Tuning Range
Frequency Control
Carrier Power

403 . . . 473 MHZ
12.5 kHz/25 kHz (software selectable)
70 Mhz
Synthesized 6.25 kHz tunning resolution
0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1W

Data modem

Interface Connector
Data speed of serial interface
Data speed of radio interface
Data format
Air interface Encryption

RS-232,  optional Bluetooth and UDP
DB9 female, RJ45 female
1200-115200 bps
9600, 14400, 19200, 28800 bps
Asynchronous data
AES128 (optional)


Input Voltage
Power Consumption, Typical

Temperature Range
Antenna Connector
Size HxWxD mm

9 – 30 Vdc
1.8 W (Receive)
6.0 W (Transmit)
-25 ˚C …
TNC, 50 ohm, fementale
Aluminium enclosure
250 g